Creating Google AdSense unit

After your Google AdSense account is approved, you will get access to all options within it that were previously greyed out. It is time to create a new ad unit!

An ad unit is a set of ads displayed as a result of one piece of the AdSense ad code. To create the ad unit follow the steps below:

To do one: Log into Google AdSense account and go to My ads > Content Ad units tab and click New ad unit:

To do two: Give your ad unit a descriptive name that will help you find it later:

To do three: Choose the size of the ad in the Ad size section. You can check the examples of ads provided by Google to help you make the choice:

In our example, we have chosen Responsive size for the ads, since they automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit into any available ad space.

To do four: The next step is to select which type of ads you would like to show on your website. Use the Ad type drop-down for that:

Text ads are the links with some additional description. Image ads can be plain or animated images that are proven to pay significantly more. We have chosen Text & Display ads in our example. There are other types of ads: rich media, flash, video, animated image, audio, link units. More information on different ad types can be found here.

To do five: You may also apply an ad style for your ads if you wish to use your site’s color scheme:

To do six: Custom channel menu allows you to set up a custom channel to track your ad unit. It is optional though.

To do seven: In the Backup ads section you can specify what you want to show in your ad unit if Google has no targeted ads available:

To do eight: Click Save and get a code. In the Ad code box that opens, copy the Google AdSense ad code:

Next step is to Add the AdSense unit to your website



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