Add the AdSense unit to your website

The  next step is to paste the ad code you have copied from your AdSense account in your website’s source code. The same steps apply when adding AdSense to sites hosted on WordPress.

It is possible to insert the ads into some specific pages or posts, sidebars, headers and footers of the site. In this tutorial, we will show you how to paste the code into the right sidebar:

Follow below steps to add the AdSense unit into the right side bar of your website:

To do one: Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Widgets:

To do two: Choose the Text widget in the list of available widgets and drag & drop it into the Blog Sidebar area:

To do three: Switch to the Text tab in the Text widget area and paste the ad unit code copied from the Google AdSense account. Save the changes:

If you have more questions about Google AdSense program, you may visit Google Adsense Help Center and check the policies that guides publishers.

Congratulations! your website is ready to generate some extra revenue.


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